When HUD Secretary Ben Carson supported the Trump administration in giving aid to institutions of the Catholic church which were impacted by the supposed virus, bigmouths in his church freaked out about how he “betrayed his faith” by helping the Catholics.

Now, I’m no fan of the Pope and his international cabal, but Doctor Ben was offered a job by the Donald and he accepted it, assuming, one would think, that not everything that happened in the White House during his tenure would be completely according to Seventh Day Adventist doctrine. After all, his boss makes Bill Clinton look like a eunuch with no social skills. If he ever spent a night alone since his first year of high school it was due to a secretarial workers’ strike or a mass syphilis outbreak.

All you Pope-bashers (and I’m not saying you’re wrong) think about this before you cut up on Ben, who is one of your biggest success stories since Ellen White got hit by a magic rock and started channeling Ezekiel. If your town hired a fire chief who happened to be a Seventh Day Adventist and his first big job was to put out a fire at the local Church of the Blessed, Holy and Immaculate Virgin, do you think he’d just tell his men to resume their poker game and enjoy their Guiness and ganja? How long would this holy roller keep his cushy government gig?

That’s why they put up so many statues of Tom Jefferson. This idea about the separation of church and state turned out to be a great idea on so many levels. For one thing, it should at least limit the amount of noise from church-going knuckleheads who want to impose their standards of behavior on some other sincere believer who has the temerity to have different ideas than they do, rather than measure themselves against the life of the savior they so extoll; the one who is to be our standard in every thought and deed.

It was He who told us that all our earthly wealth was owned and controlled by the government, who coined the money and who decides what it’s worth and how it can be used. I don’t know this for a fact but I bet that if Cornelius the pagan Roman centurion had wanted Jesus to build him a house, Jesus would have constructed a beautiful home for him, without finding out what church he went to. Jesus accepted Roman buckaroos and attended a synagogue run by rotten, hypocritical, lying murderers who made the temple dedicated to Him a den of thieves. Did he like this setup? I bet you he didn’t! But he made Himself an example for us. He was in this world–but not of it. He let other men judge Him to their everlasting shame. These clowns who are after Carson apparently haven’t read that part yet.

See, it’s this kind of nonsense that makes atheists think we’re stupid.

by | May 9, 2020 | Faith, Other