The Minds of Men: Addenda to the Terminal Man

Everything you wanted to know about American Psychiatry but were (justifiably) afraid to ask. The featured video is a really horrifying documentary by Truthstream Media (Written and produced by Aaron and Melissa Dykes, two of the absolute best). It documents the history of the legendary (but not in a good way) MK Utra project, a truly devilish CIA mind control program that was so sinister that most people still don’t believe it existed. If you’re already a fan of this government Frankenstein story, you might want to skip ahead to part three, where they show you how bad science and bad spy programs leak out into the real medical system to destroy real lives and make a mockery of the term “medical ethics.” One of the big takeaways for me is how the greatest minds of the century in mathematics, cybernetics and medicine could be lured into this Luciferian boondoggle and actually spend the greatest parts of their careers doing voodoo science with no purpose other than to play with other people’s heads and bring misery to millions of already put-upon laboratory animals. It almost makes me glad that I know so many really dumb people. I figure they may be boring, but at least they’re not dangerous.