They Are Out There. And I Bet I Know Most Of Them.

I go to a really nice church. The parking situation is awful and the city it’s located in is a barely comprehensible socialist nightmare run by wealthy college professors and urbanized survivors of MK-Ultra, but the people I see safely ensconced in the building every Saturday morning are almost all sane and pleasant. A lot of them are close personal friends I see throughout the month and I really can’t imagine a better class of human beings to spend my time with.

Nevertheless, there’s always somebody, right?

I belong to a group Hitlery Clinton calls “The Basket of Deplorables” (often correctly). I have little patience for the  progressive liberal nonsense that pervades our national capital, and I’m not shy about saying so. I regularly frequent “Christian Truther” websites and have many conversations that involve aliens from space and secret NASA missions to Tralfamadore (though I, for one, don’t know much about space or Tralfamadore). If a fellow right wing nut approaches me with a conspiracy theory about lizard people from Norway (usually Democrats)  seizing control of the Panama Canal, I will at least listen respectfully before surreptitiously googling the subject at my earliest opportunity.

However, I draw the line at diatribes from Arkham Asylum like the one below, that, from the first sentence, would strain the credulity of Shirley MacLaine. This kind of rantaholic and his eager listeners fit Hitlery’s definition to a tee and give the atheist progressives so much ammunition that they hardly need to buy their own at election time:

Nimnut Telling Tales

I was sent this gem by an adult human with a good job and an excellent reputation in her industry. She exhibits every sign of rationality one would normally look for.

That’s the scary part. If the Unabomber bought into this thesis, that would be unsettling but manageable. He can’t vote and presumably has no present access to explosives. But there are people on the street right now that have heard this video and are buying it. Not only that, but they’re passing it around to people like me, expecting our agreement and hearty approval.

I know a guy at church who would love to hear the great news presented in this clip (and he probably has). The Unholy Trinity of Luciferian Progressivism, Obama, Soros and Clinton, seized by winged angels of vengeance, thrown into a dark abyss which knows no exit. With no appeal to Habeas Corpus, the right to an attorney or any legal protection afforded the common nickel bag salesman. And the fans of this idea are people who call themselves “Patriots”, who regularly condemn the loyal opposition for their “Anti-American” views on immigration, abortion, trans-sexuality and the usual hot-button issues.

The icing on this bizarre confection is that this guy at church has been listening to daily or weekly pronouncements of Czar Obomber’s incarceration or Hitlery’s sentence to life in Gitmo, and hasn’t been the least fazed by the fact that every single story has proven completely false. If this same fake news dingaling comes out next week with a report that George Soros has been transported to a high security domed penal colony on the dark side of the moon, this guy will go for it.

Yes, it may be great fun to envision a day when the Illuminati and Bonesmen and International Bankers of the world are transported en masse to the Phantom Zone to provide fresh kindling for Dante’s Inferno, but in the meantime we live in a dreary corner of reality where the wheels of justice turn slowly–if at all. And that fact should not discourage us. After all, where would the rest of us non-banking, non-Illuminated, non-Yalies be if we got what we deserved, rather than the mercy we think, for some reason, should be reserved only for us.