Bidenomics 2

It’s taken the American sheeple a little time to catch up, but now we’re getting it. Turns out that declaring a national medical emergency that shuts down the economy for two years, then declaring war on a giant oil producer is actually bad for business! Who’da thunk?

It might seem to the tax ‘n spend regressive party that I’m being rather unfair in blaming this all on Sleepy Joe Biden, since he is obviously in no shape to actually bankrupt an industrial superpower by himself–and there is some truth to that. Obviously, he didn’t start the fire. He just poured gunpowder on it. Just like Obama didn’t cause the 2008 Wall Street mess. He just made it a lot worse than it had to be.

In Obama’s case, he and his Muscovite buddies were made patsies by the uncommonly vile Bush administration, and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Bush’s friends were all simultaneously caught with their grubby hands in the American corporate cookie jar. It must have been a shock to them that the supposedly financially astute Republicans could be even more irresponsible than the average Democrat, so in hindsight it might be almost understandable that, in the wake of a multi-trillion dollar bankster heist, none of the banksters spent even a night in jail.

In Biden’s case, however, they rode in from Moscow on a train full of economic optimism (not entirely justified, but widely shared) and decent Wall Street numbers. It was theirs to squander, and squander they did. He and his medinazis masked the country into asphyxia and recession in one fell swoop, and to make sure the patient stayed on the table they started trouble needlessly with the Usual Suspects, deciding to implement Stage Two in their efforts to revive the Cold War. Russia’s Putin, the supposed evil genius behind the Trump administration, was also on the path to world domination by its takeover of the Ukraine. I never read a full explanation of this logic, but CNN, MSNBC and PBS think it makes sense, so who am I to argue?

Now that we’re 69 trillion dollars in debt and all our trading partners are starving for fuel, what does Sleepy Joe’s party have in the way of a remedy? Well, first we have to raise taxes on rich people. That’s always been a Democratic hit at the polls, right? Sure! Everybody who thinks he’s not rich wants to tax the rich. It’s great behavioral science, but terrible economic policy. As rich and fat and annoying as they are, Bezos and Gates and Zuckerberg can’t support our sagging economic infrastructure by themselves. Gates, of course, has played such a huge part in making everything worse I’d give him a complete tax exemption for the next fifty years if he just agreed to move to Davos where he’s actually well liked (by other rich and fat and annoying elitists).

China’s purchasing of US treasury bonds is slowing a little. Its export volume is decreasing. Who’s going to lend Biden money? Who’s going to prop up what’s left of the American economy? It won’t be Biden’s buddy, George Soros, that’s for sure. Arthur Laffer is out of town. David Stockman was sick of government shenanigans thirty years ago. I hate to say it, but all we can hope for is another Bill Clinton. He would lie and cheat you and steal from you all day, but he knew enough to leave you enough to pay your rent. No use emptying the refrigerator for the hand that feeds you. He understood what no Democrat has understood since he left. Regulated Thievery. You have to know when to stop stealing. As successful a thief as he was in his day, Joe Biden never figured that out.