I’d like to say that this web publication was the result of much forethought and a great deal of hard work on the part of many dedicated collaborators. But it’s not. It’s essentially a casual whim on the part of its creator, Kilgore X. Trout, Huxley Professor of Hegelian Dialectics at the University of California at Maui, longtime tropical beach explorer and thought balloonist. Its purpose (if any) is to take the stigma from the concept of chronically annoying opinions and make irritating viewpoints acceptable to the broad masses who may or may not have ever entertained a viewpoint, irritating or otherwise.

Speaking of entertainment, which we actually weren’t, if you’re the kind of person who finds such thoughtless diversion stimulating, then this kind of reading is not for you. Actually, you should be writing for this website, not imbibing of it. After all, anybody can read this stuff. But it takes a true apostle of silly distraction to actually create it.

Please don’t tell anybody else about this website. My mother still thinks I have a real job, and I don’t want her to discover the truth at her age.


Kilgore X. Trout, D.C.

Dept of Apocalyptic Philosophy

U.C., Maui